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19 Whatsapp Tips and Tricks


WhatsApp needs no introduction. It’s the world’s most popular instant messaging service, and we love it. As a show of appreciation for WhatsApp, here is a list of WhatsApp tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it.

1. Stop WhatsApp images appearing in your camera roll

If your friends send you loads of stupid pictures on WhatsApp, and you don’t want them mixed in with all your amazing photos, it is possible to keep WhatsApp images separate so they don’t appear in your camera roll.

  • Download a file explorer, such as ES File Explorer
  • Navigate to sdcard/WhatsApp/Media
  • Enter the folder you don’t want shared (in this case, WhatsApp Images)
  • Tap the plus button at the bottom of the screen
  • Name the new folder .nomedia

That should stop any media in that folder from showing up in your camera roll.

androidpit whatsapp tips 1

2. Lock WhatsApp

If you’re keen to keep your WhatsApp private, you can use any number of security apps to set a passcode for the app. AppLock – Fingerprint is a popular choice.

Download AppLock

3. Disable media auto-download

If you’re running low on mobile data, it might be worth turning of the automatic download of media in WhatsApp, at least until you hit the monthly reset.

To do this, head to Settings > Data usage. In this menu, ensure you untick the boxes in both When using mobile data and When roaming.

whatsapp tips and tricks mobile data

4. Switch your WhatsApp chat history between phones

This is far and away the easiest method of moving your chat and media history between devices by using Google Drive backups of your Whatsapp.

However, if for any reason you need to move your WhatsApp history over to a new device without using Google Drive, it’s still a pretty painless procedure. All you need is a microSD card and a few minutes to spare.

  • Insert the microSD card into the device that has WhatsApp on it
  • In WhatsApp, go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup
  • Remove the SD card and place it into your other device
  • Install WhatsApp on the other device
  • WhatsApp should detect the backup and prompt you to restore it, which you should do

If you need to move the backup, use a file explorer to find ‘/sdcard/WhatsApp’ and move it to the correct folder.

androidpit whatsapp tips 2

5. How to get WhatsApp on your PC

By far the most convenient way to get WhatsApp access on your PC is to simply use the official web client or using Whatsapp Desktop. Open it up, and then you will be prompted to scan a QR code. To do this, open WhatsApp on your smartphone, hit the trio of dots in the upper-right corner, and select WhatsApp Web.

The WhatsApp web client and Whatsapp Desktop acts as a mirror of your device, meaning you will only receive messages so long as your smartphone is switched on and connected to the internet.


6. Download and install the latest WhatsApp APK

First, head to Settings > Security > Unknown sources and ensure the box is checked.

The, on your smartphone browser either head to the WhatsApp website or APK Mirror and download the latest APK (APK Mirror is usually ahead of the WhatsApp website). Once the file’s downloaded, open it to install the latest WhatsApp APK.

7. Recover deleted WhatsApp messages

By default, WhatsApp backs up your messages every day at 4am. This means that if you’ve deleted any messages since then, but before the next auto-backup, you can recover them. To do this:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp from your device (Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Uninstall)
  • Reinstall WhatsApp.
  • Type your phone number into WhatsApp, then it should notify you that it’s found a backup of your chats
  • Tap Restore to get your deleted messages back

8. Hide ‘Last seen’, profile photo and status

Here’s how to have better control over who sees this information on WhatsApp:

  • Tap the Options icon at the top right of WhatsApp
  • Go to Settings > Account > Privacy
  • Go through the Last seen, Profile photo, and Status options, then set their visibility to ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’ or ‘Nobody’, depending on how much privacy you want
androidpit whatsapp tips 4

9. Know when you’ve been blocked

There are four ways to find out whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. Each sign is largely meaningless by itself, but together they form a solid reason to believe that your friend doesn’t want to be your friend.

Take note that WhatsApp has deliberately made it difficult to tell whether someone has blocked you or not, in order to maintain users’ privacy. There’s always an outlying chance that you’re just being paranoid, even when all four of the below points apply.

Check the ‘last seen’ time

A contact’s ‘last seen’ time appears in the top bar right under their name. If there’s no information about when they were last online, this could be a bad sign. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve blocked you – it is possible to stop this information appearing without blocking someone. Your friend might just value their privacy.Read on.

androidpit whatsapp last seen
If you can read this, everything is okay.

Check the double check

Check marks are WhatsApp’s way of ensuring that you know what’s going on on the other end of the line.

The first check mark means that your message has been sent. When the second one appears, your message has been received by the recipient’s phone. This doesn’t mean that the person has read your message, just that it is on their phone; when those check marks turn blue, that’s when they have seen the message. If you see the check marks turn blue, they haven’t blocked you, and everything is fine. Take a deep breath.

If your messages never get beyond that single, sad gray tick, you might have been blocked.

androidpit whatsapp single tick
A single gray tick is bad news for any relationship.

Do your calls go through?

Another indicator that your friend hates you is that all those desperate WhatsApp calls you make never go through.

Again, maybe their phone is broken, maybe they’ve changed their number, etc, etc, but if this one is true and the two signs above it are, too – well, thing’s aren’t looking good, are they?

whats app voice call

Has their picture or profile changed?

If you notice that a contact hasn’t updated or changed their profile in a while, or they’ve had the same picture for months, this could mean that they’ve blocked you. Or that they just never update their profile. Maybe everything is fine.

Let’s go a step further and check from a different account, meaning from a mutual friend’s smartphone. If you see here that your estranged friend’s profile information and picture have changed, then we’re sorry to break it you, but your friend has blocked you and, given how strangely you’ve been acting, with good reason.

Bonus method: Ask them

The final, and ultimate, way of knowing is to ask them. If they say yes, then they have blocked you. If they make up a terrible excuse, they have blocked you. But if the reason why they never respond to you seems plausible and they invite you to hang out, everything is OK. For now.

10. Mute annoying WhatsApp group chats

We’ve all been in this position where we’ve somehow been dragged into a group chat that we either didn’t really want to be in in the first place or just don’t want to receive battery draining notifications from every few minutes.

Rather than just leave the chat, which may offend some people, you can simply mute the chat so you stop receiving notifications from it.

  • In WhatsApp, tap the Chats tab
  • Tap the group you want to mute
  • With the group open, tap the Options icon at the top right
  • Tap Mute, then select the amount of time you want to mute the group for. You can also untick the Show notifications box so that you never hear from the group again until you decide otherwise
androidpit whatsapp tips 5


11. Create a home screen shortcut for your favorite chats

Do you have certain friends with whom you have constant stream-of-consciousness conversations, where you’re non-stop WhatsApp’ing all day, every day?

If so, then you can create a shortcut icon to those conversations, which will appear on your Android home screen. This means you can jump straight into chats with your BFFs and important groups.

  • In WhatsApp, tap the Chats tab.
  • Tap and hold the conversation you want to create a shortcut for.
  • When the list of options appears, tap Add conversation shortcut
  • A shortcut displaying your contact’s profile picture will now appear on your home screen. Tap it to jump straight in and start chatting to them.
androidpit whatsapp tips 6
Tap the Add shortcut option for quick access to certain chats from your homescreen.

12. Change your WhatsApp background

This simple little trick allows you to change the default wallpaper in WhatsApp. It’s purely an aesthetic feature, but it does make your conversations look a lot nicer.

  • In WhatsApp, tap the options (three dots) button and tap Settings
  • Tap Chats
  • Tap Wallpaper
  • Tap WhatsApp, to download the WhatsApp wallpaper pack, or Documents, to view your own images.
  • Select an image and tap Set Wallpaper
androidpit whatsapp tips 7

13. How to change the font size

If your eyesight is less than perfect, you can change the size of the text to make it even bigger. Or perhaps you want to shrink it so you can see more of the conversation on one page. Either way, here’s how.

  • In WhatsApp, tap the options (three dots) button and tap Settings
  • Tap Chats
  • Tap Font Size
  • Select your preferred font size

14. Hide the blue ticks

You can stop your contacts knowing if you have read their messages by hiding the blue ticks. It’s easy to switch them off, just bear in mind that this will mean that you won’t get see when contacts have read your messages either. They will remain switched on for group chats regardless.

  • In WhatsApp, tap the options (three dots) button and tap Settings
  • Tap Account
  • Tap Privacy
  • Untick the Read receipts box
androidpit whatsapp tips 9

15. Star messages to quickly view them later

If there’s a particularly important message in one of your chats that you want to be able to refer back to easily at a later date, then just long press on it, then press the star icon at the top of the screen. When you want to view it again, you can now just tap the trio of dots at the top right of the WhatsApp window, and press on Starred messages. 

androidpit whatsapp starred

17. Send private messages in bulk, BCC-style

Privacy on the internet is a hard thing to hold onto, but WhatsApp has a few features that let you do things on the down-low.

Want to send out a group message without everyone in the group seeing who else received that message, and then seeing every subsequent response to the message? That’s what the Broadcast feature is for, and using it is simple:

  • Tap the Options icon at the top right (three dots)
  • Tap New broadcast
  • Enter the names of all the contacts you want to send your private message to
  • Tap Create, write your message, then send it
androidpit whatsapp tips 3
The broadcast feature lets you send a mass message without everyone seeing the recipients

18. Use Google Now to send messages

This is a near hands-free way to send a message in WhatsApp. Assuming you have Google Now enabled (which you should) just say, “OK Google”, and then, “send WhatsApp message to (insert name)”. After that you just dictate the message you want to send and Google Now will do the rest.

AndroidPIT ok google send message whats app
Google Now offers the easiest way to send WhatsApp messages.

19. Make WhatsApp voice calls

It’s easy to make voice calls. Simply press the phone icon in any non-group chat window, and that’s it: you’re dialing. I hope you have something to say.

The Calls tab also features a call history. Press on any call to view its time and duration and data consumed.



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