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Enjoy Unlimited Data using MTN and Ntel


When it comes to data, we can never get enough, we have loads of things we want to download. Network providers such as Glo have made data subscription alot cheaper but sometimes, their network is unreliable. As a blogger, an IMer or any other field that requires you being online, we always subscribe for two internet plans just in case our main network provider has issues, we can easily switch. So today, I will be showing how to utilize both network providers for unlimited internet data usage

Mtn Nigeria doesn’t need any introduction. It is one of Nigeria’s largest telecommunications company. We also have a relatively new kid on the block, Ntel which still new is currently rolling out their 4G Data services nationwide. Its is currently available in Lagos and Abuja

So how do we merge both network providers?
We will be using MTN’s new 4G Mifi which goes for 10,000 (the cheapest mifi out there). it connects up to 10 devices at a go and Oh, and did I mention it comes with 20gb free data?

Ntel offers superfast 4G LTE internet speeds and it requires using a 4G enabled device. It can be used with a 4G enabled phone but can be annoying when sharing your internet connection.

Image Credit: Techopera.com

So, here’s how we use both network providers to get unlimited internet subscription.

1. Buy the new MTN Mifi for 10,000. You should get a new sim card with it. Insert the sim into the device and recharge. Activate any data plan and you get the 20gb free data.

2. If you are in lagos, you can take your mifi to computer village to have it unlocked for 2,000 or less (depending on who you meet)

3. When your mifi is unlocked, get an Ntel sim, subscribe for their 10,000 unlimited monthly plan and flex with your unlocked mifi.

Quickly flex this offer while its available now as MTN could at anytime hike the cost of their Mifi.

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