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How to encrypt your Facebook Messages


You can now encrypt Facebook messages as Facebook now rolls out its one-one encrypted messaging feature known as Secret Conversations for all Android users. It is a huge step for the encrypted messaging trend that is set by other applications such as the Facebook-owned WhatsApp, Google Allo, and Viber.

This feature does not operate like in WhatsApp, which offers the end-to-end encryption for all messages when all users have a compatible version of the application. Instead, secrets conversations let the Messenger fans to encrypt one-on-one conversations on the fly.

Though all messages on the Messenger are always secure, this new option lets users encrypt messages from one end to end. This means that no one has the ability to decipher them.  Not even Facebook itself.

The only drawback with the app is that you have to turn the feature on so that your messages can be encrypted. This seems a little unfair because you can send secret messages without activating the feature. An automatic option would be more recommended.

How to encrypt Facebook messages with secret conversations

1. Update Facebook Messenger to the latest version

Update Facebook Messenger on Google PlayStore or iOS App Store.

2. Launch the Facebook Messenger app.

Encrypted messages are only available on the Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android. They are not available on the Facebook website or the Facebook mobile app.

3. Open the conversation you want to encrypt.

You can turn any conversation with another person into an encrypted conversation. You cannot encrypt group messages.

  • On iOS devices, you can tap “Secret” in the upper-right corner when starting a new message to enable encryption. On Android, you’ll need to enable it after starting a message.

4. Open the conversation details.


You can do this by tapping the person’s name at the top of the screen (iOS) or by tapping the ⓘ button in the upper-right corner (Android).

5. Tap the “Secret Conversation” option.

You’ll be prompted to enable secret conversations for your device.


You can only send and receive a secret conversation from one device at a time. This means that once you make a conversation secret, you’ll always need to access it from that device. To switch devices, you’ll have to start a new secret conversation.

6. Start chatting with your encrypted conversation.

Once you enable a secret conversation, the other person will have to accept it. This means they’ll need to be using Messenger for iOS or Android as well. The feature may not be available to all users. After they accept, your conversation will be encrypted.

You can only attach pictures and stickers to encrypted messages. GIFs, videos, audio, and calls are not supported.

7. Set a timer for your messages.

Tap the Timer button in the text box to select a timer for the message. This will set the message to automatically delete a certain amount of time after the recipient reads it, providing an extra layer of security.

8. Identify your encrypted messages.

On your conversation list, secret conversations will have a padlock icon next to the recipient’s profile picture. You may have multiple conversations with one person, since secret conversations are separate from standard Facebook messages.

Secret conversations also have a black background instead of a blue one when opened.

You can send, pictures, text, emoji, and stickers with this feature. However, videos, payments, video calling, and gifts are not supported.


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